Plan and run your business well

Tomorr Kokona & Tania Diggory, Calmer


The importance of a positive mindset and working "on" instead of "in" your business.
Are you a newly graduated student or a young entrepreneur who is pondering what to do next?

Perhaps you have a great business idea or have just started a new endeavor and want to know how to find solutions to important challenges along the way.
Starting and growing a business is a lot of fun – but sustaining it takes a lot of courage, strength and resilience. As an entrepreneur, you need time to nurture your skills, vision and creativity, but what about when you face pitfalls and challenges?
Feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty are common for entrepreneurs and this seminar will explore why nurturing your mindset really is your biggest asset in business. Alongside this, you would also need to understand the importance of systems and the value of how to work "on" instead of "in" your business.
During this seminar, Tania and Tomorr will discuss some essential ideas that will help you plan and manage unexpected turns on your journey and times of change.
Find your Calmer approach to managing your wellbeing and your business, so you can thrive.